Trying to figure out what you want to do long-term?

Here's a secret the self-proclaimed gurus won't tell you: it's okay to work a job you don't like. 

It doesn't make you a failure. It doesn't make your other pursuits and interests less valid- you can still pursue them on the side while enjoying the stability of a 9-5 paycheck.

Coming in Autumn 2021, Howdy Curiosity is a community for side-hustlers, passion project pursuers, and enthusiasts who are looking for belonging. 

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That thing you daydream about doesn't have to just be a daydream. You can start working toward it today– we want to help.

We empower members to collaborate and co-creatively learn alongside each other so that we can leverage our shared strengths and resources to create new opportunities, learn from each others’ successes, and create a competitive edge within our own spheres of influence.

Here's a taste of what we've got planned for you

Coaching and Collaboration

At your own pace and tailored to your specific goals. Get feedback on what matters to you!

Book Clubs

Where we read and discuss some of the most powerful, thought-provoking books in your field that you'll ever read.

Courses and Mastermind Groups

In which we'll explore key business skills, personal and professional growth, and more.

Building an Elite Network

With industry professionals and peers, even if you don't live in a major city or have access to in-person networking events.

Check-ins and Challenges

To help you stay on-track, accountable, and motivated as you share your successes and grow your side project.

Forum Discussions

Bounce around ideas and share resources about the things that matter to you (without having to scroll past dozens of spam posts like in r/sidehustle).

Member Showcases

Share your successes and highlight your journey with member showcases– we want to share and celebrate every win so that we can all learn from your success.

and More

Why Howdy Curiosity?

  • On other sites, course access can cost $500+ per class.
  • The average cost of working with a life coach is around $1000+ per month.
  • In-person networking events and conferences come with a huge price tag and aren't easy to access if you're not in a major city.
  • Your ability to have a successful side project shouldn't cost a fortune or force you to relocate to a major metropolitan area.

That's why we built Howdy Curiosity, where coaching, learning, and connecting can be accessed from anywhere and only costs $18.99 per month $8 per month when you sign up for our pre-launch waiting list!

Join our waitlist today and lock in your rate for life. As soon as we go live, the sign-up rate will increase. The only way to lock-in the $8/month rate for life is to sign up now!


We know what's hard about having a side project because we've been there.

Launching and growing side projects can be a daunting task; it can also be key to building the life you want to live. 

Whether you're a blogger, entrepreneur, writer, or someone who just wants to bring in a little more money each month, figuring out how to grow is hard. Unlike when you're in school or at work, you don't always have access to mentors or peers who can provide feedback, connect you with resources, or cheer you on.

Howdy Curiosity is here to change that. We believe that when you combine your curiosity about what is possible with the power of a supportive community, big things can happen. 

Blake Reichenbach, Found of Howdy Curiosity

Growing up in central Kentucky, it often felt like the opportunities I wanted just weren't there for me. The people I saw living the kinds of lives I wanted had access to networks, money, and local organizations that didn't exist in my neck of the woods. I've busted my ass to create new opportunities for myself, but no amount of grinding alone can replace the transformative power of learning alongside a collaborative community. I believe we have an obligation to share our access to resources and knowledge with others, and Howdy Curiosity is how I plan on doing that.