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Not Seeing the Book You Want? Let Us Know!

Whether you have a specific book in mind that you don't see or you want a recommendation for a book, let us know about it. We can help track it down and get the right book in your hands! 

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Have a question about book requests?

Don't hesitate to ask! You're welcome to Contact Us if you have any questions about the process that aren't answered below. 

How do you handle book recommendations?

If you wanted a generic recommendation for what to read, you could ask Google or ChatGPT. But you don't want generic– you want a recommendation that's unique to you. So, that's what we do. We're avid readers among a community of avid readers. When you tell us what you hope to get out of a book, we do our best to match that with a read that's right for you based on our experience. 

If you can order us a book that's not in your store... why isn't it in your store?

We work with book distributors to keep our inventory up to date. If we stocked every nonfiction book our distributors have available, we wouldn't be able to manage our inventory or website.

So, if the title you're looking for isn't one of the books we have in our inventory, we request it from our distributor to send it directly to you. 

When you find my book, how will I purchase it?

If you're looking for a recommendation and decide to purchase a book that we have in our inventory, we'll send you a checkout link that goes right to that book so you can buy it from the Howdy Curiosity website just like you normally would. 

If we can order the book for you but don't have it in stock, then we'll confirm the book details with you, send you a PayPal payment link, and then have your book shipped straight to your home by our distributors as soon as we receive payment. 

Do you do book recommendations for book clubs and employee resource groups?

Yes! If you'd like assistance setting up a book club for your business or organization, please use this form to get in touch with us. We're happy to make recommendations for your organization's book club and, pending availability, can help create conversation guides for a small fee. Depending upon the number of titles you anticipate ordering, we may also be able to offer your organization a discount.